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Clay County's Fire and Rescue Squad Fire Truck


Fire Fighter's protective gear hanging up in lockers


Clay County Fire Squad was established in 1961.  On July 25, 1985, Clay County Fire and Rescue became its own entity when the Hayesville Fire Department and Clay County Rescue Squad made the decisions to bring their agencies together in efforts to better serve the members of our community.  

In 1991, Clay County Fire and Rescue was able to successfully petition the county and its citizens to agree on a fire tax to help better support the department. In 1992, the name was officially changed to Clay County Fire and Rescue Squad Incorporated (CCFR).   

At that time, the stations were located in Tusquittee, Fires Creek, and Elf, with the main station being located in the town of Hayesville.  Clay County Fire and Rescue hired four (4) full time personnel in 2018 that work 24-hour shifts, and are off for 72 hours.  This provided a dedicated response 24 hour a day. 

In 2021, to better serve the needs of all of Clay County, the Shooting Creek, Warne, and Brasstown Fire Departments consolidated with Clay County Fire and Rescue to form one unified department.  We currently serve an area of 214 square miles with a population of approximately 11,309 people (2021 Census).

Clay County Fire and Rescue contracts with Clay County Board of Commissioners and the county seat of Hayesville to provide fire protection, rescue, and medical services.

Although the paid staff ensure call response, the heart and soul of the department still lies within the volunteers who sacrifice so much to help their neighbor in times of need without expecting anything in return.  Clay County Fire and Rescue looks forward to many years of improving our skills to better serve the citizens of Clay County.



Red Fire Truck


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